AURAL EXPERIENCE  Robert Redford Talks About The State Of America and "Lions For Lambs"

October 24, 2007

photo of  Robert Redford
Robert Redford    (Photo: Fred Hayes/WireImage)

Earlier this month in San Francisco, Robert Redford sat down with several press and online outlets including The Popcorn Reel, to talk about his new film "Lions For Lambs", which he directed.  The film stars Mr. Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, with Andrew Garfield, Derek Luke and Michael Pena, and opens on November 9 across the U.S. and Canada.

Here are several audio excerpts from the interview with Mr. Redford:

Introduction:  Redford on promoting "Lions For Lambs": "I Knew It Would Be Difficult"  (2 minutes)

Intro part 2:   Redford on Q&As about "Lions For Lambs" With College Students and Today's Youth in America  (3 minutes)

Excerpt one:  "It's Really About The Condition That We're In That Makes These Things Happen"  (3 minutes)

Excerpt two:  "The Enemy Is The Enemy Is The Enemy Is The Enemy, It's Like A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose"  (2 minutes)

Excerpt three: "I'm Worried About My Country, Obviously"  (2 minutes)


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