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Fall Movie Preview 2009
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Michael Stuhlbarg in "A Serious Man", written and directed by The Coen Brothers.  (Photo: Wilson Webb)

A Serious Man - A serious comedy, which is just the way The Coen Brothers like it.  Their latest is about a man struggling to deal with the sudden divorce by his wife who leaves because her husband's brother won't move out of their house.  The film is set in 1967.  The trailer alone is pure Coens.  Oct. 2.

Capitalism: A Love Story -
Expanded release of Michael Moore's latest documentary is on Oct. 2.; see Sept. 23 date listing in September '09 preview

Zombieland -
They're heere!  And so are Woody Harrelson, Mila Kunis, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone.  Mr. Eisenberg's scaredy-cat character gets brave (aka "grows a pair") and becomes a leader, shepherding a flock of people cross-country to avoid oncoming waves of zombies.  Can you dig it?  Ruben Fleischer directs it.  Oct. 2.

Whip It -
No,  not Devo, but Drew Barrymore, making her feature film directing debut.  Roller derby is the name and the game in Texas, where this comedy-drama is set.  Ellen Page, Kirsten Wiig and Ms. Barrymore star.  Oct. 2.

The Invention Of Lying -
Ricky Gervais didn't direct this film.  He co-directed it.  Am I lying?  Matthew Robinson also directed this comedy, which stars Mr. Gervais.  I'm no liar liar.  And you've never lied before either.  I can guarantee it.  Oct. 2.

More Than A Game -
After the acclaim for Spike Lee's "Kobe Doin' Work" earlier this year, LeBron James features in this documentary directed by Kristopher Belman.  Will this doc feature that infamous YouTube video of #23 being dunked on??  Stay tuned.  Oct. 2.

Couples Retreat - 
Comedy all the way from Peter Billingsley, about couples trying to work out their marital problems.  Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau ("Iron Man"), Faison Love and Malin Akerman are among those along for the ride.  Oct. 9.

Good Hair -
Jeff Stilson's documentary featuring Chris Rock as Mr. Rock explores the very sensitive topic of "good hair" in the African-American community.  Maya Angelou, Rev. Al Sharpton, Nelson George and a host of others famous and not so weigh in on the subject.  Could be the most incisive film on the subject since the Jigaboos and Wannabees of "School Daze".  Oct. 9.  (limited release)

An Education -
Lone Scherfig directs this coming of age drama set in London in the 1960's.  When an older playboy comes into the life of a teenage woman, a new world of possibilities and turmoil emerge.  Bloody marvelous.  With Peter Sarsgaard, Carey Mulligan and Alfred Molina.  Oct. 9. (limited release)

The Stepfather -
This cult horror film returns after a hiatus, unless this is a re-working in the same way that Rob Zombie successfully re-imagined the original Halloween.  Dylan Walsh and Sela Ward are part of the cast.  Don't turn off the lights.  Oct. 16.

The Road -
Delayed for a year, this drama finally has its release.  A man treks the country in search of other human life in a post-apocalyptic world.  Is this "I Am Legend"?  With "The Book Of Eli" coming early next year, all the better to see if this film lives up to the strong acting talent of Viggo Mortensen, who is joined by Charlize Theron.  Oct. 16.

Where The Wild Things Are -
Spike Jonze directs this live-action film version of Maurice Sendak's very popular stories.  Lots of anticipation for this one, which stars Forest Whitaker, Catherine O'Hara and Max Records.   Oct. 16.

Law Abiding Citizen -
Twitterites will have learned that recently Gerard Butler was in the studio doing automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) for this film, a drama about a man (Mr. Butler) plotting revenge against those who killed his wife and daughter.  Jamie Foxx plays the prosecutor who gets in too deep.  How deep, you ask?  Deep.  F. Gary Gray ("The Inside Job", "The Negotiator") directs and Leslie Bibb also stars.  The film is apparently shot in the style of the classic "Memento", Christopher Nolan's 2001 film.  Oct. 16.

New York, I Love You -
An anthology of stories about love, loss and romance set in the Big Apple.  At least eight directors take on New York City.  The cast includes Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper and many others.  Oct. 16.  (limited release)

Saw VI -
Still sawing away, this gruesome horror franchise has a bloody graphic gift that keeps on giving, just in time for Halloween, which should be renamed Saw Day, or something lame like that.  Kevin Greutert directs the film.  Oct. 23.

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant -
John C. Reilly and the recently-wed Salma Hayek star in this one.  An assistant is trapped between vampires and their dangerous pursuers.  Paul Weitz ("Chuck And Buck") directs.  Oct. 23

Amelia -
Based on the true story of the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart.  The epic is directed by Mira Nair, and Hilary Swank is in the title role.  Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor also star.  There will be inevitable comparisons to "The Aviator", but expect this film, thanks to Ms. Nair's skill and talent as a director, to stand on its own two feet.  Oct. 23.

Anti-Christ -
Some controversy surrounds iconoclastic director Lars Von Trier's latest film, about a grieving married couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) retreating to a cabin in the woods, only for things to get far, far worse.  There's reportedly genital mutilation in this film.  Is this true?  Is the film misogynistic?  If so, sadly it wouldn't be the first time.  Guess there's only one way to answer these two questions.  Oct. 23.  (limited release - LA/NYC)

The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee -
Rebecca Miller (wife of Daniel Day-Lewis) directs Robin Wright-Penn, Alan Arkin and Mike Binder ("Reign Over Me") in this drama about a suburban woman and her older husband and nervous breakdowns.  Hmmm.  Oct. 23.

Motherhood -
Uma Thurman stars as a mother who's trying to keep above water, readying for her daughter's birthday party as well as competing in an essay contest.  Katherine Dieckmann also directs Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards.  Oct. 23.  (limited release)

Michael Jackson: This Is It -
What promises to be Sony Pictures' highest-grossing film worldwide in 2009, Kenny Ortega directs the hours and hours of rehearsal footage of the gone-too-soon megastar entertainer extraordinaire as he prepared for what would be his final concert tour.  Mr. Jackson, who will be buried today, lives on, and will continue to when this film opens for an exclusive two-week engagement worldwide.  Oct. 28.

Youth In Revolt -
Miguel Arteta directs Michael Cera as he schemes to lose his virginity to a bright and advanced local girl.  No "Paper Heart" here.  With Portia Doubleday and Ray Liotta.   Oct. 30.

How To Seduce Difficult Women -
The one question to ask here of Richard Temtchine's film: what's the definition of "difficult"?  Oct. 30.

Gentlemen Broncos -
Plagiarism charges roil a science-fiction writer's world as a younger writer accuses him.  J'accuse!!! Michael Angarano, Jemaine Clement and Mike White are part of the cast, which is directed by Jared Hess.   Oct. 30.

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