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                                                                                                                                      Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Irene In Time

Andrew Leeds and Tanna Frederick, who plays the title character in Henry Jaglom's "Irene In Time", which opened in
Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, New York today.  (Photo: Rainbow Films)

A Daughter's Longing For Daddy Dearest
By Omar P.L. Moore/   SHARE
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Henry Jaglom's new film "Irene In Time", which today opened in Manhattan at the Quad Cinema and several other New York theaters, chronicles the agonies and frustrations of Irene's (Tanna Frederick) relationships with men.  Irene tries to find the right man, but that endeavor isn't easy.  The man she truly loves is the one who has departed the earth: her father.  Regrettably, Mr. Jaglom's personal film is undone by almost all of what precedes its very end.  The film for much of its time has ambled along a rocky road if not choppy waters.  This is due mainly to Mr. Jaglom's screenplay, which weaves through a series of interactions, many of which are shot cinema vérité style but to a point where disinterest and irritation creep in.  Much of the lethargy is also down to subpar acting by Ms. Frederick, whom despite lending earnestness, idealism and gentility to Irene doesn't penetrate beyond the film's surface to the audience, which may actually be Mr. Jaglom's point: that Irene is lost without a father figure.

There are a few positives in "Irene In Time" however, and those are found in good performances from Andrea Marcovicci and Victoria Tennant, whose characters are the bearers of secrets.  Lanré Idewu, a newcomer to American film, features as a charismatic man who looks like the one for Irene.  Ms. Frederick and Mr. Idewu have a chemistry that feels right but is not showcased long enough for the audience to invest in their naturalness.

Mr. Jaglom has been a master in the American independent cinema realm for years now, and with work like the insightful documentary "Eating" and other films he's made his mark.  With "Irene In Time" however, which features good music from the Harriet Schock Choir -- Irene gets her strength and inspiration as a member of it -- the director appears to be drifting slowly through the sands of an hourglass.

With: Karen Black, Adam Davidson, Kelly DeSarla, Sabrina Jaglom, Simon O. Jaglom, Andrew Leeds, Rob Mathes, Jack Maxwell, Zack Norman, David Proval and Reni Santoni.

"Irene In Time" is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association Of America for thematic elements and some sexual content.  The film's running time is one hour and 35 minutes.

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