ED BRADLEY  1941-2006


Ed Bradley, a veteran
(Photo: Tony Esparza/CBS)

On Thursday, November 9, 2006, the world lost a giant of giants, a man of men.  Ed Bradley, the American journalist and investigative reporter for CBS News, passed away at age 65 of leukemia.

Bradley was one of the very few prominent black journalists in the United States when he began his illustrious and decorated career in the late 1960's and sadly at his passing, leaves behind very few prominent black journalists. 

Bradley was born and raised on the tough streets of Philadelphia and after being told by his mother and grandmother that he could be anything he wanted to be, excelled to become one of the very best journalists that the world had to offer.  His calm, confident and assured manner put his interview subjects at ease, and even when asking the toughest of questions, which he did ever so often,  delivered his queries with an insistent but mildly-mannered and measured tone.

Bradley was well-respected by his peers and admired by audiences across America for his intrepid reporting and warm humor.  One of his last "60 Minutes" interviews was with golf legend Tiger Woods, and the two-segment report told us as much about Bradley as it did about Woods: the unmistakable smile, the humor, the camaraderie and the ease at which he displayed his skills and professionalism in his trade.

Although Ed Bradley was not a film critic or a movie maker, he was a journalist.  And he was passionately committed to that endeavor.  He paved the way for people like myself.  I remember sighting him frequently at Madison Square Garden in New York City at courtside for many New York Knicks basketball games on those occasions when I would go to watch the team.  He had a passion for the game, as well as for as jazz music.  He had a passion for living, and though a disease took his life too soon, he will live on in the memories of millions who were both touched and enlightened by him.

Farewell, Ed.

-- Omar P.L. Moore, editor
The Popcorn Reel
November 11, 2006