HEAR!  HEAR!  The Audio Transcript of Brenda Blethyn and Cherie Nowlan's conversation with Omar P.L. Moore of The Popcorn Reel, on June 24, 2007

introducing Brenda, Cherie . . . and Jean
Brenda, Cherie
. . . and Jean 

Photo of Clubland,  Brenda Blethyn  Photo of Clubland,  Cherie Nowlan
Brenda Blethyn                                               Cherie Nowlan

[part one]            Brenda Blethyn  (one minute 36 seconds -- 1' 36'')    A mother's love

[part two]            Cherie Nowlan  (1' 16'')                                 "Wouldn't do the film without her"             

[part three]         Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan  (1' 45'')     No judgments

[part four]           Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan   (1' 42'')     Serving the truth of the story, and Jean's own coming of age

[part five]            Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan   (2' 31'')     Do Brenda and Jean talk to each other?, and staying in character (or not)

[part six]             Brenda Blethyn   (2' 51'')                                 "Everyone says things they don't mean"

[part seven]        Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan   (3' 12'')     "A great working relationship", improvisation, and laughter

[part eight]         Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan   (4' 49'')     Brenda sings, even when she can't

[part nine]           Brenda Blethyn & Cherie Nowlan   (1' 55'')     The comedy of embarrassment, and remembering a comedy legend

Write now:
"Introducing Brenda, Cherie . . . and Jean" -- the feature story by The Popcorn Reel's Omar P.L. Moore on the film's star (Blethyn), the film's director (Nowlan) and the character (Jean Dwight) of "Introducing The Dwights", which opened in Australia on June 28 and opens in New York and Los Angeles on July 4, with more U.S. cities playing the film from July 13. 

"Introducing The Dwights" is released in the U.S. by Warner Independent Pictures.

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