Audio Popcorn: Alan Ball, Writer-Director of the new film "Towelhead" and creator of the new HBO television series "True Blood"

Alan Ball  (Photo: Omar P.L. Moore/

On August 29, 2008 Omar P.L. Moore of The Popcorn Reel had a conversation with writer-filmmaker Alan Ball, whose latest film, "Towelhead", opens initially in Los Angeles and New York on September 12, with subsequent openings in theaters in numerous other American cities on September 19 and 26. 

In this 16-minute interview the award-winning writer of "American Beauty" and creator "Six Feet Under" spoke about the controversy behind the title of the new film released by Warner Independent Pictures, the perception of the behavior of women, his new television series for Home Box Office cable entitled "True Blood", and opined about the forthcoming U.S. presidential election between Senator John McCain of Arizona and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

Note: the author of the book "Towelhead" is Alicia Erian, not Elicia Feran, which the interviewer says on numerous occasions.

Click here to listen to the interview

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