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Laura Linney's Good Friend Wendy Savage

Jurnee Smollett, Nate Parker and Denzel Whitaker Engage in a Great Debate

Walter Murch on Editing "Youth Without Youth"

The Youth (And Experience) of Alexandra Maria Lara

Chocolate Ice Cream with "Diving Bell and The Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel

The Ten Best Films of 2007 According To The Popcorn Reel:   Countdown Version   Regular Version  No-Guessing Games Version

Living In London, Working In L.A.: For James McAvoy, Work is Work, and Play is Play


The Busy Celluloid World of Josh Brolin

A Closer Look at "American Gangster"

Robert Redford on "Lions For Lambs"

Cinematic Lions: Robert Redford  Meryl Streep Tom Cruise

Susanne Bier's Unrelenting "Fire"

Terry George's "Reservation Road"

Amy Ryan's "Baby"

"Michael Clayton"'s Tony Gilroy, Director of Law

"Fever" Pitch: In America, The Volatility of Racial and Sexual Relations on the Big Screen

The Kingdom Of Jamie Foxx

The Persuasion Of Robin Swicord

In September 2007 Movies, Where Is The Love?

For David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen, Unclean Hands And "Eastern Promises"

Peter Fonda and James Mangold On "3:10 To Yuma"

Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners, directors of "The 11th Hour"

Humanitarian and Former U.S. Marine Brian Steidle Asks The Popcorn Reel: "How Can A Genocide Be Confidential?"

IFC Center: The Big Apple Of Independent Film's Eye

"Rush Hour 3": Chris Tucker, Brett Ratner and Jackie Chan

HBO and Bryant Park: A Movie Marriage Made In Midtown

The No-Popcorn Dialogues: Going Deep With "Flying" Filmmaker Jennifer Fox

"SiCKO" Runs Amok Across America

Introducing Brenda Blethyn and Cherie Nowlan of "Introducing The Dwights"

Lojas Koltai and Michael Cunningham Talk About A Star-Studded "Evening"

Michael Winterbottom Keeps "A Mighty Heart" Beating

Under A Blood Red Eye: Eli Roth Wants To Curdle Your Blood In A "Hostel" Way - Again

Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe: Oscar Buzz For "American Gangster"

Michael Moore's First Aid

Tales Of The Seven Seas: Searching For "Pirates" And Finding Them In Northern California

Cannes 60: It's A Wrap

John Carney, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Discover That "Once" Just Isn't Enough

Now Playing At A Theater Near You: A Heroine (Or Anti-Heroine)

Halle Berry: And Still She Rises

Operation Homecoming: Writing The Soldier Experience

Paul Verhoeven's Little "Black Book"

Connie Nielsen's Political "Situation"

The Other "Lives" Of Director Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck

Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle "Reign" on Berkeley, California

Author Robert Graysmith Goes In Search Of The Zodiac Killer

Mira Nair On Culture And "The Namesake"

The Cast Of "Wild Hogs" Visits San Francisco To Usher In The Chinese New Year (Of The Pig)

"Wild Hogs" Cast In San Francisco -- Photo Gallery

A Conversation With Melvin Van Peebles On "How To Eat Watermelon In White Company (And Enjoy It)"

Mark Becker's "Romantico" Conversation

Jennifer Fox Flies High (And Without A Safety Net)

The Joe Carnahan-Jeremy Piven Experience: "Smokin' Aces"

According to The Popcorn Reel: The Ten Best Films Of 2006:  List Version   Movie Poster Version   Photo Version

The Year In Film 2006

"Little Children"'s Jackie Earl Haley On Heart, Soul, Remembrance and "Ronnie"

The Godfather Of Soul James Brown Passes Away On Christmas Day 2006 At Age 73

Patrick Marber's Love "Scandal"

"The Pursuit Of Happyness" Red Carpet Premiere In San Francisco -- Photo Gallery

Zhang Yimou's "Curse Of The Golden Flower": Visual Splendor Beyond Description

The Popcorn Reel Feature: "Deja Vu": For Tony Scott It's Denzel "Vu" All Over Again

Popcorn Reel Production Notes: "Casino Royale"

Popcorn Reel Production Notes: "Fast Food Nation"

Is Greg Kinnear The Second Nicest Guy In Hollywood?

Ten Films To Watch Out For In 2007

Robert Altman, Legendary Film Director Dies at Age 81

Ed Bradley: In Memoriam

Director Amy Berg on the Catholic Church and Its Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse in Her Documentary "Deliver Us From Evil"

The Horrors Of Jonestown, 28 Years Later, Chronicled by Documentary Filmmaker Stanley Nelson

Popcorn Reel October 2006 Political Films Archive

The Popcorn Reel Documentary Dispatch: The Golden Gate Bridge and "The Bridge"

The Popcorn Reel Feature: Director Todd Field on "Little Children"

Popcorn Reel Reflections: "Flags Of Our Fathers"

The Old New "Departed": 2004's "Infernal Affairs"

Reel Life Real Life at Random: The Rock

F/D and The "Sunshine" Band: "Little Miss Sunshine" directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton

Next Year: Spider-Man 3

Michael Mann and "Miami Vice": Directing South Beach to The Max

Production Notes - PopcornReel.com: Superman Returns

In the Heat of this Summer, the Power of Love and Not Love Hits The Big Screen

The "Devil" in Miss Meryl: Streep Working Hard Day and Night, For Film and Family

New York Filmmaker Kevin Keating Explores "Giuliani Time"

Kevin Keating Audio Excerpts from Interview

Analyzing "The Break-Up": 50 Ways To (Argue About How To) Leave Your Lover?

The Power of Performance: Sarala and Keke Palmer

Da Vinci Dossier

Inside Look: Tom Cruise

The Popcorn Reel Feature Story: United 93 and The Families

Reel Life Real Life at Random: Paul Rusesabagina





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